We cook great tasting biryani. This is a very popular dish amongst our customers. Biryani is the imperial dish amongst all the rice dishes of India. Although there are numerous variations of biryani, you will not be disappointed with our carefully compiled recipe.

We bring to you our first-ever safely guarded biryani masala powder at home. The concoction of this recipe remains only with 5 members of the Kadiri family. It is rumoured that they are not allowed to travel or be in the same building together! The secret powder contains all the explosive flavours for Kadiri’s biryani straight from our production kitchen to your door. Included also will be our detailed cooking instructions to prepare the perfect aromatic biryani.

Don’t forget about the crispy fried onions. It’s a must for our biryani. Once you’ve layered the biryani with rice and masala, all that’s left is a generous sprinkle of our delicious fried onions.

The key herb to make this dish a irresistible is the use of Saffron, a luxurious natural tendering and colouring agent.

Our biryani is served in a layer of basmati rice at the bottom and top. It is embedded in-between with tender pieces of meat, in a thick spicy sauce. This serves the purpose of capturing the aroma of unique herbs and spices and to cook the meat to perfection.

We have an extensive menu of traditional mouth watering Indian dishes for you to enjoy and be amazed by. Order your takeaway online and get your food delivered fast!